Real world scenario based Field Training Program for the Handler & K-9 Team.

Cut significant costs & time, while personalizing training to fit your departments needs.

We bring the training to you, your environments & your community.

Customized training to fit your departments needs.

You need the training and tools in the field for your success.

Eliminate In-service Failures.

K-9STAC instructs on real world experience and solid fundamental training and theory behind the method so the K-9 Handler/Trainee knows and understands why they are doing what they are trained and asked to do. We follow a proven course curriculum and human learning protocol. Every skill is explain, demonstrated and then instructed in practical application with a trainee working side by side with the Trainer. Some other K-9 Facilities still behave as McDonaldization Academies and a we can do it for you faster inexperienced in police work instructors, but, we believe, this sets us all up for failure in real world deployments, causing Litigation, Liability and Injury and sometimes death to the community we serve, our officers and our K-9 Partner.


Our training has a proven track record of producing K-9 Teams that are productive, effective and efficient in their community, facilitate the safety of officers in high risk situations, and are good representative of your department. Our goal is to teach the K-9 Team how to be productive, efficient, effective and safe.


K-9STAC Police K-9 Training is DEA licensed, and Insured. We service all facets of Police K-9 from Instructor’s Courses through the training of K-9’s in the following areas: Dual Purpose (Patrol/Narcotics and Patrol/Explosives), Trailing & Tracking, Narcotics Detection, Explosives Detection, Weapons Detection, and Other Specialty Detection


K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting was founded by Law Enforcement Sergeant David Dorn (active). K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting is a full service K-9 Training Facility where Law Enforcement Agencies go for highly trained Police Dogs.