David has worked in law enforcement for over 16 years.  Over the past 14 years he has worked for the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, where he currently handles, trains, and supervises as a sergeant in the K-9 Unit. David implemented the Sheriff’s Department K-9 Unit in 1998.

Additionally, today, he is a Canine Trainer, a Canine Handler Instructor, and Consultant for several L.E. Agencies in implementing, managing, supervising, and maintaining K-9 Units.  David focused most of his training on specializing in Detection Dog Training and Handling for patrol and corrections.  David believes that training of the Administrative Staff, and the Handlers, is one of the most important things in a K-9 Program.  David is a California POST recognized Canine Team Evaluator, as well as a WSPCA Judge and Certifying Official, and California Narcotic Canine Association Member.  David currently handles two working dogs on a daily basis, a Narcotic Detection Dog, and an Explosive Detection Dog.  David is the owner and operator of K-9 Specialized Training and Consulting where he trains canines for detection work.  He instructs K-9 Handlers in basic and advance Handler Courses.  He also instructs K-9 Unit Supervision.  David speaks and instructs at law enforcement K-9 related conference’s each year.  David believes that training and utilization is the key to a great K-9 program.

David Dorn is also an owner and operator of Delta Dog Camp, two (2) dog boarding, doggie daycare and training facilities, in the East Bay of California.  For the past 4 years, David has worked hands on with his family run business overseeing the daily operations of the dog boarding profession.

More About David

take_a_break_city_hall_3.16212636_stdDavid Dorn has been around dogs his entire life.  Growing up his father worked for the Contra Costa County Animal Control and Services.  David learned a lot about canine behavior, and how, with the right drives of the dog, that even some of the dogs at the shelter could be used for other services.  Learning to manipulate the learning environment, and timing of positive reward and re-enforcement, he could use these non-pet dogs for law enforcement.

David became a Police Officer in 1994, and gained his first real life police dog experience, as his Field Training Officer for three months was a Canine Handler.  David worked every shift with the Canine Team, attended training, participated in real criminal apprehension, real tracking, personal protection, real detection.  David was quickly worked into the Bite Suit, learning decoy work, and he was hooked!

In 1996, David opened his first training center with other law enforcement and civilian partners in Concord, California, where he continued his learning in Canine Obedience, Personal Protection, Police Dogs, and Narcotic and Explosive Detection.

“I went through a period early on when I thought I knew everything about Bite Work and Detection Work.  I found out, like a lot of us out there, that I had no real full-time, 24/7 experience as a Handler, and that my training experience was limited to the group in which I was learning from and their experiences.”

After that eye opening experience, David made it a point to attend as many Police K-9 Conferences and Seminars that he could attend.  David has now attended several K-9 Trainer Schools.  “I quickly learned that there is a distinct difference between training a dog and handling a dog.  A handler cannot train a dog simply because he is handling one.”

David says, he still today, attends every training school, seminar and conference he can.  He has modeled himself and his techniques after some of the world class trainers.  He learns what each trainer has to offer, and styles the techniques with his own, and now has trained some of the top canines in law enforcement.

David has worked in law enforcement for over 15 years.  Over the past 12 years he has been handling, training, and supervising the Canine Unit.  David implemented the Canine Unit in 1998 as a Deputy and now is a Sergeant.  Today, he trains and consults several other agencies in implementing, managing and maintaining there Canine Units.  He as is also a POST Certified Canine Team Evaluator. David currently handles two working dogs, an Explosive Detection Dog and a Narcotic Detection Dog.  David has thousands of hours in basic and advanced Peace Officer training, thousands of hours in basic and advanced Police Service Dog, Narcotic Detection & Explosive Detection Handler Training.

David holds a California POST Intermediate Certificate.

David has personally participated in over 3,000 individual canine searches.  In addition, he has been present and observed hundreds of Narcotic and Explosive Deployments by other canine teams from all over the nation.  David has been a member of the Sheriff’s Department Emergency Services Team for the past 12 years.

He is also a member of the California Narcotic Canine Association, Western States Police Canine Association, and the International Explosive Detection Dog Association.  David has hundreds of hours in Explosive Recognition and Response to Bombings, Bomb Threats, Suicide Bomber, Train the Trainer Courses.  Hundreds of hours in Canine Trainer Courses and Handler Instructor Training.  A POST Evaluator for many departments in California, East Bay Area.

David also works with local dog rescue groups, evaluating, consulting and assisting in the placement of canines which meet the requirement and standards to be Law Enforcement Service Dogs.