Available Trained Detection Dogs

Trainer Dave Dorn (K-9STAC) has a proven track record and solid foundation of training, and supplying reliable detection dogs to law enforcement departments across the United States. 100% of the Detection Dogs Trained by K-9STAC, have finds in their In-Service/Field Deployments and Use. 100% of the Detection Dogs and Handlers Trained by K-9STAC that have competed in Competitions have trophies.
The Canine and Handler Courses are consistent and structured for learning and focus primarily on mission oriented, real world deployments to make the teams effective and efficient in the field. K-9STAC Certification Letter is provided, certifying that the Detection Dog has in fact been trained to detect the specific target odor(s), and that the Handler in fact has been trained to be a Handler. K-9STAC trains the Canine Team to meet and exceed California POST Standards.
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2 year old Male German Shepherd, Dual Purpose Trained

12 month old Green Detection Dog Unaltered Male Shepherd/Mal High Breed

Trained Detection Dogs cost range from $3,500 to $5,000, for the Selection, Care and Maintenance (including Veterinarian), Boarding, and Initial & Advanced Odor Detection Training. (Trained Detection Dog & Handler Course costs range from $5,000-$7,500)- Remember WE COME TO YOU!.

In the Initial Detection Dog Training, the dog will be trained to detect the odors which you have selected and are industry standard. All odors need to be provided by you and/or your agency for the training of the canine. The Detection Dog will be trained to detect the trained odors in the following areas: buildings, mail/packages, luggage/bags, vehicles/buses and open areas.

This is a basic initial Odor Detection Dog Course. I specialize in Detection Dog Training and my techniques, theory and methods are solid and well known. However, there is no “cookie cutter” training for every dog. Training may need to be extended into additional training of the dogs detection work. Training time of the Detection Dog on the odors (Either; Narcotics, Explosives, Accelerant or Contraband), is usually 4-8 weeks. This will be done on a case by case basis with no additional fees being owed to K-9STAC.

K9STAC’s guarantee on health, and working ability, (barring there are no heavy physical burdens on the canine by the handler or other training influences by other handlers or trainer) is for one year from the beginning of the Handler Course.


Jasper, Career Changed
Trained explosive detection dog

Chopper, Career Changed Forever Home Pet
Trained Detection Dog