Highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful in the K9 field

Having worked law enforcement in several agencies, as a K-9 handler for 13 years in Washington State, I came across David Dorn and K9-STAC by word of mouth and started talking with them. Dave is highly knowledgeable and extremely helpful in the K9 field and brought a wealth of information together, along with a training program, tailor made to our needs. He was key in maneuvering through our needs as a private security company in developing exactly what we required, but still in compliance with POST and Washington State laws governing canine programs for departments and corporations. We will be training with him on July of 2016 for 27 days and will come through the other side ready to challenge the Washington State standard and get our certifications for private work. I would highly recommend K9-STAC to any agency or organization looking for one the best working dog(s) trainers in the US. Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Mike Fisher
K-9 Manager / Patrol Manager EWA
Phoenix Protective Corp

Reliable Dog Trainer & Consultant

When Searching for a reliable trainer and consultant for our business , I turned to David Dorn of K-9 Specialized Training & Consulting. Our decision was based his Law Enforcement Experience, and Nationally known reputation as an Expert in Odor detection. I have several years of odor detection work that i obtained from my previous trainer that trained Police K9s as well, the information i have learned in just the last 90 days from David has been Substantial. His Attention to detail , and ability to convey his knowledge to the handler is far superior to anyone i have worked with. His vast knowledge continues to amaze me on a daily basis.He has customized our training program and has prepared us for our First contract, where we are working with a Major Airline, Screening passenger Luggage.We have ongoing Monthly training, David is constantly analysing our performance and makes any necessary adjustments, so we can continue to present the best possible service to our clients.As our consultant he has made his firm available 24/7 and most recently on a major holiday.We recommend his services to anyone in our Industry.

Master K9 Trainer

It's all in the detail of K9 STAC! You want the best K9 consulting and training in the business, contact the Master K9 Trainer @ K9STAC!!

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