Initial & Advanced Training Courses

Monthly Maintenance Training

K-9 Handler Courses

Train the Trainer

K-9 Team Problem Solving

Corrections K-9 Programs

In-Field Onsite Training Programs

Detection Dog Team Monthly Maintenance Program

When a K9 Team leaves “Handler School” it is not 100%. The dog & handler need on-going training with a “Trainer”, to adjust to actual field on the job work and to maintain and improve their proficiency.

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Detection Dog Training

Narcotics, Explosives and Other Odor Detection Dog Training
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Train the Trainer Course
4 Weeks

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Detection Dog Handler Course

Law Enforcement/Corrections – Initial 3 weeks at our training facility, final week in-field training at the Handlers work locations (we come to you). Click for additional information.

K-9 Team Refresher / Problem Solving Course
3 Days (24 Hours)

Detection Dog Teams.  Click for Additional for additional information.

K-9 Unit Supervisor Course
2 Days (16 hours)

For Narcotic & Explosive Detection Dog Supervisors.

(POST & STC Certification Pending)
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Detention Dogs
Corrections Canine Programs
4 Hour Course On Use Of A K-9 In Custody

This course discusses the use and applications of canines in a custody setting.

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PetTech Pet 1st Aid & CPR

Reduce Liability & Insurance Costs
We Customize Training to Fit Your Needs
We Bring the Training to You, Your Environments and Specialty
Don’t learn what to do by accident in the middle of a crisis
Reduce Emergency Veterinarian Runs, Costs & Staff Time
We Come To You!

Basic Training

(Helping you become the “Pack Leader”)

  • Sit, Stay, Come, Heal & Walking calm on a leash
  • Learning how to focus and pay attention when asked and recognize boundaries
  • Becoming an integral part of your family

Vacation Tune-Up/ Detection Dog Odor Refresher

This is designed to keep or refresh Detection Dogs on odors which the canine is already trained to detect while the Handler(s) are on vacation or “out of services” for a peroid of time.  This will keep the Detection Dog fresh and on target on all odors.  This will keep his/her Training Log current for street finds and court documentation.  The canine is Boarded at the Training Center @ Delta Dog Camp, Oakley, Ca.

Training the Klimb

No more incessant barking, No more begging, No more jumping up on guests!
Improves focus & behavior. Click here for additional information.