The Detection Dog Handler Course is a structured 3-4 Week Training Program, to assist handlers with the trained detection dog in the field of detection dog work. During the Detection Dog Handler Course the Handler will be trained alongside with the detection dog(s) in the field of Detection Dog Work, which includes canine odor recognition, working the odor to the actual source of the odor, alert (passive or aggressive), canine obedience to odor, on & off leash handling techniques, search techniques for the handler and canine, canine and handler safety, basic training aid handling, Initial and Advance Search Techniques of the following areas; Building, Vehicles/Buses, Mail/Packages, Luggage/Bags, and Open Areas. Additionally, all documenting requirements (record keeping of Training & In-The Field Utilization), report writing, canine legal update, proper utilization of the Canine Team and Program, Review of Policy & Procedures, Canine First Aid & CPR.

Handler Course is usually, 5 days a week for 8 hours a day under an agreement with your department and K-9 STAC. The training sessions can be held at our training facility in Oakley, California or We Come To You! If the Handler attends training at our facility, in the last week of the course, we come to you; the training sessions will be in a variety of areas in your city and state, which the canine and handler will be utilized to work throughout your areas of jurisdiction. Handler along with the dog should depart the course with a clear understanding and direction in regards to the method with unlimited assistance following the course.

Detection Dog Handler Course has a strict Curriculum (available upon request, and also we can work with your Training Division to get this Course POST or STC Approved for Training Hours Credits in your area)


Common mistakes in training Programs Handlers: “Once the dog is trained, we’ll select a handler and they can hit the streets.” “We’ll pay to send the handler to a two or three week, or even a two or three month, handler course with/without the dog and then when he/she is done they can handle all the dogs training after that. ” “We will just train with the other local agencies.” “We cannot afford to send officers to an in-service Canine Handlers Course.” Those are arrangements and arguments commonly used by administrators to cut costs.

However, the problems with those types of arrangements are numerous. Typically, a department purchases a trained dog from a private vendor or facility. When the dog’s training is complete, the handler attends a three-week handler course to learn how to work with the dog. The team then hits the streets and then the problems start almost immediately. In most cases, the handler has never handled a working dog before. The handler is not going to learn from a three week class how to work out the problems on his or her own. In that amount of time, a handler gets the bare minimum of information about how to handle an already trained dog.

Detection Dog Handler Course Cost Range from $3,000 to $4,000, remember WE COME TO YOU!” Purchase of our Trained Detection Dog and the Handler Course together, Cost range is $7,500 total.

Modified Course 2-3 Weeks Training Programs also Available upon request.

Training can be held at either our location or yours.

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