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Trainer Dave Dorn (K9STAC) has a proven track record and solid foundation of training and supplying reliable detection dogs to law enforcement departments across the United States.  Our dogs are typically specially selected rescue dogs such as; German and Dutch Shepherd or Labrador Retrievers, and a variety of other breeds found to be great in hunt and detection.  All trained for Single Purpose Detection Only.


Trained Detection Dogs cost range from $3,500 to $5,000, for the Selection, Care and Maintenance (including Veterinarian), Boarding, and Initial & Advanced Odor Detection Training. (Trained Detection Dog & Handler Course costs range from $5,000-$7,500)- Remember WE COME TO YOU!

In the Initial Detection Dog Training, the dog will be trained to detect the odors which you have selected and are industry standard. All odors need to be provided by you and/or your agency for the training of the canine. The Detection Dog will be trained to detect the trained odors in the following areas: buildings, mail/packages, luggage/bags, vehicles/buses and open areas.

This is a basic initial Odor Detection Dog Course. I specialize in Detection Dog Training and my techniques, theory and methods are solid and well known. However, there is no “cookie cutter” training for every dog. Training may need to be extended into additional training of the dogs detection work. Training time of the Detection Dog on the odors (Either; Narcotics, Explosives, Accelerant or Contraband), is usually 4-8 weeks. This will be done on a case by case basis with no additional fees being owed to K9STAC.

All Detection Dogs will be K9STAC certified to the extent of their training and odor recognition of the above listed odors. Additional POST or K-9 Association Certification will need to be done within a year from training.

Note: Dogs are rescues, sometimes mix breeds, from high kill shelters, rescue groups and vendors. There is a one (1) year health guarantee on the dogs; hips, eyes and ears. All dogs have current vaccinations including Bordetella and a negative test result for Heart Worm.

Additionally, there is a 6 month workability guarantee on the dog. The Seller guarantees Buyer satisfaction with the dog, as far as above listed health, and will replace it with a dog of equal quality if requested. Return shipping costs will be at the Buyer’s expense. Shipping costs of the replacement dog will be at the Seller’s expense (if due to health issue). During this period, the Buyer is responsible for proper care of the dog, including feeding, grooming, care and any necessary veterinary expenses. Should the dog suffer debilitating injury or death due to or while with the Buyer, the Seller is not obligated to replace the dog. Shot records will be provided to the Buyer at no additional cost.

Types of Dogs Available: Single Purpose Detection Dogs (Narcotics, Explosives, Firearms, & Other)


CANINE TRAINING K9STAC Selected and Trained Detection Dogs: Prior to the start of the canines training, I have evaluated the dog to make sure it is suitable for our training program and Law Enforcement type detection work.  During the evaluation the canine will be tested environmentally and for several types of work drives; speed/intensity, object drive, prey and hunt drive.  Once it is determined that the canine is suitable for Law Enforcement and the training course, the training will begin.  During the initial canines training; the canine is trained in odor recognition, working the odor to the actual source of the odor, alerts (passive or aggressive).  On and off leash searches in: building, vehicle, open area and baggage/parcel.

Department/Agency has acquired untrained detection dog trainee or has a dog which they wish to make dual purpose: Prior to the start of our training, I will need to evaluate the dog to make sure it is suitable for our training program.  In addition, a proposal will be presented to you & your department to enter into an agreement between your department and K-9 STAC prior to the training of the dog.  During the evaluation the canine will be tested environmentally and for ball drive, speed/intensity, object drive, prey and hunt drive.

Once it is determined that the canine is suitable for your department and the training course, the training will begin.  Initial canine training 4 weeks: During the initial 4 week canines training; the canine is trained alongside/with the canines Handler, in odor recognition, working the odor to the actual source of the odor, alerts (passive or aggressive).  On and off leash searches in: building, vehicle, open area and baggage/parcel.  Also, a canine “obedience to odor” game.

Cost Range $3,500-$4,500.

Training can be held at either our location or yours.

K9STAC Training Facility:  
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