K-9 Unit Supervisor Course -2 Days / Totaling 16 Hours

For Narcotic & Explosive Detection Dog Supervisors (POST & STC Certification Pending) It is imperative that supervisors and administrators know how much time is reasonably required for care and maintenance and what types of activities are expected. Initially, it can be difficult for a supervisor or administrator who has not handled a service dog to understand the care and maintenance activities unless they actually experience or oversee some care activities with one or more of their handlers. “I have a pet dog at home” is not the same as having a service dog at home, but care issues may be similar in some circumstances. It is a comprehensive look at the K-9 Supervisor’s role. I focus more on the role of the supervisor as apposed to the many Supervisor classes at conferences, which focus most of the training time on Litigation & Liability issues. Course covers: History of the K-9 Unit; Mission Statement of K-9 Unit; Goals of K-9 Unit; Liability Issues; Policy & Procedure Issues; Handler Selection, Responsibilities and Expectations of the Dept. for the Handler; Removal of a Canine Handler; Oral Boards for Handlers; Selection of Canine; Selection of Trainer and Training Program; Utilization of the K-9 Unit; On-Going K-9 Team Training & Certification; Canine & Handler Health Issues.