Monthly Maintenance Program:

When a K9 Team leaves “Handler School” it is not 100%. The dog & handler need on-going training with a “Trainer”, to adjust to actual field on the job work and to maintain and improve their proficiency.

Every interaction the handler has with dog is either training or de-training the dog.

Per industry standards, the handler and canine should be trained to a total of 16 hours a month. This is usually preformed once a week for 4 hours, 4 times a month, as long as the canine is on the street.

Provides, your Canine Handler along with the trained Detection Dog (Narcotic or Explosives), a Monthly Maintenance Program. During the maintenance the Canine Handlers will be trained with the canines in the field of Detection, which includes: canine obedience, recognition of canine change of behavior while in odor, reading the canines indications of odor and alerts, advanced handling techniques, advanced search techniques, canine and handler safety, basic narcotic training aids handling, and team trouble shooting/problem solving.

The canines will continue to be trained to detect all of the odors in which has been initially train to detect.

The training sessions will be mainly held in a variety of areas throughout the East Bay of California, surrounding cities, however, most of them at my training facility in Oakley, Ca. Training date is usually on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

Monthly Maintenance Training can also be provided, for Department that are interested in training being held in their City, at a location which will be appropriate to facilitate my method of training, and ONLY once (1) a month.

Liability: Training;

If an agency elected to be below this minimum U.S. canine industry standard, and thus in violation with this standard, there is probable liability in two areas:

Liability for failure to train and failure to supervise.

Liability for being “deliberately indifferent” to the training needs of a specialized law enforcement unit, K-9.

• $200 per K9 Team a month (discounts given for more than 2 teams).
• (2 Teams $400 – discounts apply to 3 or more teams from one agency or company).
• Training costs are based on 16 hours per month.